This is how to actually use a jade roller for amazing skin

May 08 , 2019

Beautyshop Ireland

This is how to actually use a jade roller for amazing skin

Jade rollers combine two of our favourite things: Skincare and beauty. The fact they look good on the 'gram and provide instant shelfie satisfaction is just a big bonus really.

Whether you're using one made from rose quartz, amethyst, or the original minty-green jade.

But in order to reap the rewards, you need to know how to use them properly. So keep these tips in mind the next time you're looking to cleanse, roll and glow...

  • Don't roll solo: Use your jade roller with a serum, oil or moisturiser. The lubrication will not only make rolling easier, but the facial massage will penetrate the product deeper too.
  • Gentle pressure only: "You don't have to press hard to get results" All you need is gentle pressure when rolling, especially around the eye area."
  • Roll towards your ears: One of the main objectives of jade rolling is to provide lymphatic drainage. So as a rule of thumb, "Wherever you start on your face roll toward your ears and then down the sides of the neck, which is where your lymph nodes are located."
  • Always roll in one direction:"When you're rolling your skin you want to "drain" excess fluid out of your face. "When you roll back and forth it will still feel great, but you won't be receiving the lymphatic drainage."
  • Store it in the fridge: For an extra cool jade roller that will work wonders on depuffing eye bags and swollen spots.