Feb 01 , 2019

Beautyshop Ireland

Choosing the Serum That Works for Your Skin Type

Whether you’re tackling dry, sensitive, oily, or skin that’s a changeable combination of all three, serums are an essential step in any regimen. “All skin types are perfect for serums.

Undiluted active ingredients combined with a light, silky texture make serums suited to target a variety of skin problems. “If you’re concerned about texture, dullness, or dark spots, we advise starting with serums. Applying a serum twice a day is helpful for most skin types.

A serum works best when applied to skin before face cream or oil. “Serums aren’t lipid-based like moisturizing creams, so they don’t tend to exacerbate oily skin,” And because they moisturize, they’re good for dry skin and often work for sensitive skin, too.

No matter what serum you choose, smooth it on after washing your face; just-washed, slightly damp skin is more absorbent. A small dab goes a long way in most cases, and your skin should drink serum right up. If you need more hydration, moisturize next (oily skin may not need it). Serums work beautifully morning, evening or both; if you’re applying one for day, don’t forget clean, mineral sunscreen for a truly supercharged routine.